Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Relay Racing on at the moment, gotta be a good race! Prizes for the winner!
Habplus is running alot of competions and games so tune in today! -pickles   


Hiya, um, im new to blogging so please dont critisise me as a bad blogger. As you all know, my name is pickles on Habplus and im here to tell you about Habplus.
Habplus is a great place to join in and have fun. Moderator applications are open and free for anyone.
 Vip access is avalible which means access to the Vip Catolouge, Extra credits and commands/actions including the moonwalk, walk over furni and push and pull other users! Make friends with the mods and the co-owner, MichaelMadman. Unfortunately, One of our mods has just left us. (Boxer) So there is a free space. 5000c free when you start and ultimate rares for sale! I would just like to shoutout to Mod-Ask, Heya, its pickles and great job your doing<3 So, thats my first blog about Habplus. Also its free to join.